How do I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

Upgrading/downgrading is easy


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Upgrading to access even more Image+ features & benefits, or downgrading to a more affordable plan, can be performed at anytime by the original account administrator.

To upgrade, go to your Image+ Dashboard ("Login" at and navigate to Account in the left-hand column navigational menu. Once on the Account page, you can see a "Change Plan" button. On the Stripe billing page, you will see your current plan and payment method and see an option to "Update Plan". "Updating Plan" will take you through to the "Update your plan" page, presenting the alternative plans available to upgrade/downgrade. This page includes confirmation of your current plan and presents the options you can "Select"  to switch to. 

When changing your plan like this, you will be credited for any unused portion of your current plan and the monthly or annual renewal date will be based on your upgrade date. 

Enterprise plan customers can also set custom annual renewal date - contact us for more information.

Note: Upgrading is only possible when carried out by the original administrator who purchased, based on their login email address.

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