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Working with Image+ Enhancements


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Assumptions: (i) you have installed and activated Image+ for WordPress; (ii) you have added one or more images to the Image+ Library for Enhancing or Optimizing.

1. Edit An Image From The Image+ Library

Navigate to the Image+ > Library (via the left-hand "Library" navigation menu option), and then mouse over the Image you want to Enhance. This will reveal the "Edit" menu for that image row in the left-hand column - click "Edit" to go to the Enhance/Edit screen for the chosen image. 

2. Apply Enhancements 

You will now be on the Edit screen for the chosen image. In the Block settings of the right column, you will see the available Enhancements grouped with clickable expand arrows on the right, which can be clicked on to expand the settings which you can configure for each Enhancement effect (e.g. Pan & Zoom, Captions, Back Drop, Generative AI, Particles, etc). 

💡Tip: if you can't see the Enhancements (Pan & Zoom, Captions, etc.) ensure you have clicked once on any non-baseline image at the top of the Block panel.

3. Apply Multiple Enhancements

You can duplicate your image to create multiple versions of your image to which you can apply multiple sets of Enhancements. Duplicate your image by mousing over the non-baseline image, clicking the small 'burger' menu item (denoted by a small icon with three horizontal lines in the top-right) and selecting "Duplicate".

💡Tip: When applying Enhancements to multiple images, be sure you have the correct image selected from the top of the Block panel.

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